Beautiful Rural Spain, Off the Beaten Track

Discover truly unchartered Spanish territory on a holiday that’s ideal if you are in need of a bit of a detox from modern life.

You will experience the scale and beauty of one of Spain’s most beautiful natural spaces, far away from big towns and cities in the heart of rural Cuenca. A chance to get back to nature in a way which is becoming increasingly difficult in other parts of Europe, there is a wonderful therapeutic value to having nothing but incredible countryside in all directions. You are surrounded by an endless sea of beautiful pine forests and mountain streams where you can totally unwind and take time to rediscover some of the more important things in life.

You stay at a beautiful, simple, but comfortable rural retreat where you will be excellently looked after by the owners Moises and Amparo. Moises has lived in the village for most of his life and knows the area like the back of his hand and their love of the place is immediately infectious. They will show you the region’s secrets and take you on some fantastic local hikes.

Your studio flat in Moises and Amparo’s village house is self-catering and the fridge will be stocked with local goodies ( we’ll make a list with you before you arrive). There are also a couple of restaurants in this tiny village and with very little encouragement Moises and Amparo will prepare a Morteruelo, a wonderful local dish cooked over an outdoor fire in the garden. They might even fire up their lavender still which produces the most amazing essential oil.

You are 50 minutes drive from the historic city of Cuenca with it’s mediaeval “hanging” houses, wonderful cathedral and some great local haunts to try more of the region’s cuisine. There is also an option of staying a couple of night here to vary your stay.

On the road to Cuenca is, what must be one of Europe’s most incredible rock formations called the Cuidad Encantada which is only one of the many sites of natural beauty in the area.

Not far from the village the are plenty of natural mountain trout streams and waterfalls which make an idyllic picnic spot and a great place to cool off. The forests are filled with deer and boar and there is even a bear reserve. Eagles and vultures are also common here.

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Example Tour

This is the type of holiday that you will want to do entirely at your own pace, so rather than providing a fixed itinerary this example tour is simply to give you some more ideas of what you can do here. Take each day as it comes and make your plans that way.

  1. Day 1


    You arrive in Madrid and we recommend spending a night here to discover the city and enjoy its famous evening bar and tapas scene.Take in the Prado Museum and then we’ll point you in the direction of some good places to eat or organise a private tapas tour for you.

  2. Day 2

    Madrid – Cuenca

    "A girl and her mother collecting water" by local artist Luis Zafrilla

  3. Day 3

    Visit Cañete

    A 12 km drive away Cañete is the nearest town and serves villages in a 25 km radius. Although it isn’t a metropolis you can visit it’s castle and it has a charming town square where you can pass some very easy time with the locals with a drink or coffee at one of the bar terraces.

    You’ll also be able to see some more work by Luis Zafrilla, particularly his bull running sculpture, which is stunning.

    Old man walking in Cañete Spain

    The pace of life has not changed in Cañete

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