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Author: David Agustí

David Agustí

David Agustí

Local historian

David was born and brought up in Catalunya and has been fascinated by the region’s history since he was a young boy.
He has been has been responsible for the renovation and upkeep of several of the region’s archaeological treasures, including the castles of Miravet and Cardona.
He has written several books about the history of Catalonia. The most recent “ A Brief History of Barcelona” has been published in English and is available here

  • Miravet castle

    Miravet. A Templar masterpiece

    03/05/16 by David Agustí

    Miravet castle has played a central role in Catalan history for over 9 centuries. It’s impressive walls and well preserved interior make it one of the best examples of Romanesque Templar fortress architecture in Europe and being near the Priorat it is also a perfect place to visit on a wine tour of Catalonia.

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