Spanish Cookery Masterclass

Learn some of the best-kept secrets of Spanish Cuisine

We take you for a lively cookery class where you learn how to cook some of the best-loved dishes in Spain under the guidance of an expert local chef.

Your first stop is the buzzing Boqueria market in Barcelona, where your chef takes you around the many different stalls, explaining what all the local produce is and helping you know how to pick the freshest ingredients that you will need for your meal. The Boqueria Market is an essential stop for Barcelona’s top chefs each day, and they are some of the first to arrive to ensure they get all the ingredients they’ll need for that day. The atmosphere in the Boqueria is unique as stall-holders compete for customers, each certain they have the best produce to offer you. It’s a truly unique Spanish experience and one not to be missed.

Once you have everything from the market, it’s off to your cookery class at a beautifully renovated 19th-century apartment just off the Ramblas.

Your chef will offer you a glass of wine to get you in the mood for some cooking and then talk you through the different stages of how to prepare the meal. Together, you cook several Spanish classics including Spanish omelette, Catalan bread with tomato, and other tapas to start, followed by an authentic seafood paella, and there’s a delicious crema catalana for dessert.

Once your meal is cooked you sit down to enjoy all the fruits of your work together in the company of your chef.

Tour highlights

  • A lively, private cookery class with an expert local chef.
  • Your chef takes you to the famous Boqueria market to get all the ingredients you'll need for the meal.
  • You head back to your cookery class in a renovated 19th-century, modernist style apartment.
  • You prepare a full three course meal of some of Spain's most iconic dishes including Spanish omelette, tapas, a seafood paella and crema catalana
  • You enjoy the fruits of your labour together with some great local wines over a leisurely meal together.

* The menu can be adapted to be vegetarian, vegan, or for any dietary requirements you may have.

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Spanish Cookery Masterclass

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Tour duration 4 hours

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Barcelona Inside and Out organised an incredible food tour of the city for a group of our chefs. Anthony’s detailed knowledge of the restaurant and food scene enabled us to visit a number of hidden gems that we would never have been able to find on our own.

Mark Rush Head of Food Innovation, Revolution Bars UK

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